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Boxing can seem intimidating if you’ve never tried it before.

That’s why it’s best to book in for a Come n Try session and see for yourself how fun, social and effective it is!

Our FREE Come n Try sessions run on Saturdays – check out our upcoming dates below :

FREE Boxing  FREE Kettlebell FREE HIIT
Nov 23rd @ 11:30am Nov 16th @ 9:30am Nov 16th @ 10:00am
Dec 7th @ 11:30am Nov 30th @ 9:30am Nov 30th @ 10:00am
Dec 21st @ 11:30am Dec 14th @ 9:30am Dec 14th @ 10:00am
Jan 4th @ 11:30am Dec 28th @ 9:30am Dec 28th @ 10:00am
Jan 18th @ 11:30am Jan 11th @ 9:30am Jan 11th @ 10:00am
Feb 1st @ 11:30am Jan 18th @ 9:30am Jan 18th @ 10:00am

Call 1300 BOXING now or click here to book a place!

What’s so good about our boxing classes?

Why try our boxing classes?

  • Our boxing classes are equal parts fitness, muscle building, socialising, fun and stress release – you might even connect with some new friends!
  • Boxing classes are a great way to achieve your body goals in minimum time. This is because boxing classes combine cardio and strength training in one hit. So if you’re looking to drop weight, tone up, get strong and have some fun, then you don’t want to miss out on this!
  • In our classes you’re only competing with yourself. You work at your own pace, with your own bag. There’s no judgment – everyone’s way too busy doing their own thing to notice what your ability level is!
  • It’s a safer option than using focus pads. Working with our equipment means nobody has to catch punches. And you can never get this kind of muscle workout from boxing drills with focus pads.