The Boxing Room focus pads

Boxing is an awesome way to lose weight, tone up, get fit and build strength


Pink’s hooked. So are Matthew McConaughey, Will Smith and Gigi Hadid. If they’re loving it, you know it’s probably worth a look! Here are four reasons why you should give our High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) BOXING classes a shot:


#1   They’re so much fun – Most of us find that working out is boring and, as a result, we find it hard to maintain motivation. Boxing’s different – there’s a rush of adrenaline, stress release and that amazing post-workout endorphin release. And at TBR, we mix up your workout so you’re never doing one thing for too long anyway!

#2   You’re only competing against yourself – In our boxing classes, it’s you and the punching bag. You don’t have to compare yourself against others or feel inadequate – so if you think you’re going to be judged, you’re mistaken. Everyone’s way too busy doing their own thing to keep an eye on you!

#3   They combine strength with cardio training – Most group training classes focus on one or the other but our boxing classes cover both bases. You’ll get stronger and leaner more quickly by combining the two modalities into one session. During TBR’s boxing classes you burn more calories than you would lifting weights, dancing or doing low impact aerobics. These super-fast results come from our specially formulated high intensity interval training boxing classes.

#4   Our bags are safer and more effective than using pads – If you box using focus pads with a partner, you won’t get even close to the workout that’s possible using our punching bags. Using focus pads to catch punches looks easy, but it’s really a skill that should be left to the experts, due to all the things that can go wrong. Trust us, you’re safer at TBR!


What’s so good about TBR?

You’re not just a number at TBR in Adelaide – our members are more like family. Our boxing gym is fun and sociable and we work hard to make you work hard and get the results you want. (After all, we spend so much time there that we WANT to make it fun)!!!

If you’re looking to get strong, tone muscle, get fit or lose weight, (or a combo of all four) in a high-intensity and strength training environment where we don’t take ourselves too seriously, then we know you’ll love TBR – come and check us out.


Try one of our FREE boxing classes to see whether boxing’s right for you – find out more here.